Coaching For Results Global is Now an ICF Accredited Coach Training Program!

What does this mean for you? Now when you successfully complete the inspiring and life-changing Coaching for Results Global Coach Training Program you can become a credentialed coach through the prestigious International Coach Federation (ICF)!


CoachingLeadership Coaching for High Performance

Are you an educator or administrator ready to step out and make a difference in your school district? Do you want to see real, measurable improvements in achievement? Are you ready to build teams that are highly productive? Are you ready to be a coach leader?

Coaching For Results Global can help!

For over eight years Coaching For Results Global has been at the forefront of bringing leadership coaching and training to educators. In fact, we are now the Premier Provider of Education Coaching and Training.

Our proven methods for developing school leaders can help you and your school district:

  • Improve student achievement levels
  • Define and reach measurable goals for improving your school
  • Increase team effectiveness
  • Embed a strong culture of leadership coaching within your district
  • Enhance career satisfaction
  • Create work / life balance

Our team of highly qualified coaches are educators, recognized as successful school leaders, and credentialed, or becoming credentialed, through the International Coach Federation. Our seminar instructors are highly respected for their expertise and delivery of adult learning programs that stick.

We offer individual coaching, as well as public and private (customized for your district) training seminars. Don’t wait another minute to begin the improvement process in your school – contact us now to discuss how we can help you reach your goals!

Contact us now and find out how we can help you achieve excellence! info@coachingforresultsglobal.com

“In the pursuit of excellence, there is no finish line.” Unknown

The CFR Difference

differenceOur Uniqueness…Our coaches are experienced educators and highly qualified with over 600 years of successful school leadership

We provide a system-wide solution for leadership development and expanded capacity that provides both initial and ongoing training and individualized or group coaching.


Our Benefits…

  • Coaching works!
  • It provides critical support for people who want to implement new learning and skills.
  • In their 1995 research, Joyce and Showers found an overwhelmingly significant increase in implementation of new practices when coaching was part of the learning process. They identified coaching as the “best practice” for producing deep change in knowledge and practice.
  • Coaching provides a sustained learning environment designed to produce extraordinary results in leadership performance.

Don't Miss This

In addition to our public seminars, CFR provides private seminars to individual school districts throughout the U.S. To arrange a private seminar for your district, click here.

Upcoming Public Seminars for Open Enrollment:

Leadership Coaching for High Performance: Level I

Dallas, TX area
Oct. 1 – 2 & Oct. 29 – 30, 2014
Registration Closed

Coaching Strategies for Powerful Leading: Level I

Oct. 7, Oct. 21, Nov. 4, 2014
Registration Closed

Powerful Coaching: Level II

Dallas, TX area
Nov. 6 – 7 & Dec. 3 – 4, 2014
Registration Closed

Advanced Coaching: Level III

Dallas, TX area
Jan. 15 -16 & Feb. 10 – 11, 2015
Click to View Flyer or Register Now!

Mentoring for Mastery: Level IV

Dates As Agreed w/ Coach
View Description or Register Now!

Self Reflection & Introspection: Level V

Sep. 16, Oct. 14, & Nov. 13, 2014
View Description – Registration Closed
See all events

IPad AppThe RESULTSCoach app was developed to offer educational leaders an always-available review and reminder of the language and words that have the most powerful impact to bring out the best in your own learning community. This powerful app also includes visual tools, a feature for goal setting, and a handy mobile journal. Download the RESULTSCoach app now on iTunes for Apple devices or Google Play for Android devices.



Dr. Penny Reddell
Assistant Superintendent of Curriculum, Instruction and Assessment
Lewisville ISD; Lewisville, TX

Our Purpose

Our purpose is to help school leaders achieve extraordinary results, both professionally and personally. We support and foster confident, competent, courageous school leaders who lead their schools to high performance.